Tips On How To Buy A Digital SLR Camera


For many years the SLR film camera has been the choice of both amateur and professional photographers alike for the best and most versatile camera equipment. And now that the digital photo age has begun, the digital SLR is still the best choice for those that want more than just snapshots. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a digital SLR camera.First of all, if you already have a SLR film camera with multiple interchangeable lenses, then you may be able to save a lot of money by just buying the same brand of digital SLR as most brands allow their older film camera lenses to be used on the new digital models. But just make sure before you buy because a few major brands do not allow this kind of migration and so there is no benefit in staying with that brand for lens equipment savings.

Resolution is important in digital SLRs,and is usually represented by how many megapixels the camera uses to save its digital photo files. For most uses a 6-8 megapixel camera will work fine with enlargements on up to 11 X 14, but if you like making even larger prints or do heavy image editing, you may want even more resolution to work with to ensure that your photos remain clear and sharp.If you like to use fill flash for many of your outdoor shots, you will want to consider a digital SLR that has a very fast flash sync too, such as 1/500 second. Below 1/250 second the flash sync speed is really only useful mainly for indoor shots instead.Being able to see the images and controls that you use on a dSLR is important too, so check the LCD screen for brightness and visibility not only indoors but also outside too, as this is an area where some very good SLRs can let you down. Also make sure that the viewfinder itself gives you a bright, clear image in all types of light, enabling you to easily see and manipulate the camera settings at all times.If you like to use your camera for closeup shots then you will want to get a dSLR that has a mirror lockup feature. This lets you lock the mirror up out of the way before taking the photo and reduces the camera shake that is inherent when the mirror flips up out of the way and then lands back into position again. This doesn’t normally create a problem for most average shots, but when taking closeups and vibration of the camera at all can results in a blurry unfocused image.

Also check the size and weight of a digital SLR camera before buying it to be sure that it will not be uncomfortable to carry for a prolonged period of time, and that the knobs and controls are easily manipulated. Some cameras are so small that their controls can be difficult for those with larger fingers and hands to easily use.These simple suggestions can help you buy a digital SLR camera that will best fit your own unique needs.


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Finding the Latest Fashion For Your Chihuahua


The key to finding the proper chihuahua clothes for your precious little jellybean really depends upon your understanding the personality of your sensitive and caring canine. It’s not all that different from choosing garments for a human being. An important thing to think about when shopping for your chihuahua is to think as if your were dressing up a person.Decorations like belts, or even trimmings could make or break the fashion and style of the dog clothing you choose. It’s also easy to over do it, when just one or two things are enough to complete your dog’s look. When purchasing doggy garments, parents must really pay attention to the size and quality of the apparel. Tiny pet dogs such as chihuahuas are shaped much differently big or even medium-sized dog breeds, so always consider this. After you fill up your beloved pet’s basic fashion requirements with essential outfits, you can now go a bit more wild with more extreme outfits, especially for any hot social events coming up!But lets talk about function over form for a bit. We need to consider the comfort of our chihuahua whether in hot or cold environments – we definitely want out little baby feeling as comfortable as possible. Dogs that reside in colder environments will need to have complete covering throughout fall and winter seasons. This is particularly true for all smaller dog breeds that won’t want to step outside if it is too frosty and cold. Well all know the little “Chihuahua shake”, so buying some nicely knit little chihuahua clothes certainly help keep our little precious dog warm inside and out.If your dog lives in a stormy region or if it is a rainy spring season, your doggy might possibly need a fashionable raincoat to remain dry and warm on walks. This can be true for just about any size dog. Another important aspect to consider is paw protection throughout the cold, winter months. The snow and rock salt upon the sidewalks and roads may be distressing and harmful for their feet, so it is really is important to have some little doggy boots for your chihuahua’s wardrobe.In terms of selecting fashion for any pet, please keep in mind that this should be a fun process. You can make your chihuahua’s elegance and grace shine even more when you pick clothes that are stylish and allow you to have fun together on walks. Tiny dogs such as Shih-Tzus and Pekingese look great in doggy fashion because the clothes and accessories really accent well with their longer-haired coats. Think about fine laces and ribbons, elegant bandannas, gold dog collars and fancy leashes that would accessorize well with your dog. Short-haired dos like Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinschers will look just as great, but with different clothing and accessories.