Samyang 35mm T/1.5 Cine Manual Focus Wide Angle Lens (for Video DSLR Canon EOS Cameras)

  • Consists of 10 elements in 12 groups, 1 aspherical lens. Covers a wide range of sensor formats, including full-frame 35mm.
  • Great for low light and shallow depth of field due to its T/1.5 aperture
  • Minimum focusing distance of 12″
  • Multi-layer coating to reduce flare
  • Includes petal-type lens hood and soft pouch

The Samyang T/1.5 35mm AS UMC Lens is based on the Samyang 35mm f/3.8 AS UMC lens. For optimal performance and accurate exposure for stills and video, this lens has a T-stop of 1.5. A continuously rotating aperture ring and advanced focus system ensure silent operation and full control of the depth of field and sharpness during shooting. The lens is based on twelve elements in ten groups. It has two lenses with a high refractive index and an aspherical lens which minimizes chromatic aberration. Thanks to a high-quality multi-layer coating, the lens produces great contrast and excellent color reproduction. A floating lens system ensures a high quality image even at the minimum focusing distance. Includes a detachable petal lens hood.


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